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We asked members of our Facebook page to tell us something that 

someone did or said that helped. These are some of the responses:

“A very dear friend has helped in tremendous ways. She takes the time to listen to my feelings, she holds me while I cry, and most importantly, she understands that I need to do things differently sometimes because I am grieving. For example, we decided to take a break from church for a while because it was just too painful. Everyone else didn’t understand why. She didn’t question us. She understood that we weren’t walking away from God or our faith. We were taking our time to grieve.”

“My co-workers organized a meal train and for 6 weeks two nights a week we either had dinner brought to us or a gift card for a restaurant! It helped because my husband was a teacher/varsity baseball coach and I had two small children at home with me.”

“Just little things helped. Someone sent me pretty flowers. Not like funeral flowers but a lively bouquet with s balloon for my older son. Food or gift cards for food or food delivery. A maid to clean is always a plus. People being ok with you talking about it and not shying away from it.”

“They were comfortable being around me when I openly spoke of my children, and didn’t get weird when I cried.”

“That it wasn't my fault and I didn't do anything to make it happen.”

“Just the support from so many friends that have miscarried, many that I didn’t know about. It’s so much more common than you think, it’s just that almost no one talks about it ❤”

 “My friends who allows me to share the experience and just listened and loved me”

“My therapist helped me so much in letting me know that what i was feeling was ok and that no one could tell me how long I should grieve. She also told me not to be afraid to remember and talk about my losses to anyone”

“I had a friend who was pregnant at the same time and had miscarried before. She would just continue texting me every week or two to see how I was doing.”

“Gift cards for restaurants, babysitting our 3 year old, doing things in memory of our babies”

 “Acknowledged my pain and validated that I have every right to feel that way”

 “Just being there and listening”

“Prayed for us”

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