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Tova Sido

Tova Sido has a fierce love for Jesus Christ. Period. Not because she knows everything about Him or has it all figured out. She loves Jesus because she understands how much she needs Him. And how much you need Him too.

Tova was a marketing executive for over a decade in corporate America. After burying 3 children Tova left corporate America to discover her call to ministry.

Since 2005 Tova has been preaching and teaching and writing and providing hope and healing through the power of Jesus Christ.

Her deepest desire is to help others see His incredible healing power for their lives and encourage them to become the people God created them to be.

Tova loves to teach and speak about Jesus. She is the author of two devotionals and her story, Borrowed Courage. She has a podcast called The Remedy focusing on ways people can make their lives happier, healthier and more abundant. She also loves to play UNO, water ski, snow ski, cuddle up and watch movies and well, just about anything with her 3 precious kiddos. When she needs a break from them she loves working, reading, yoga, a great podcast, Soulcycle, dinner with a great friend, and a long walk without a destination.

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