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PILA Board of Directors

Suzy Emre - President & Founder

In 1999, I experienced my first miscarriage. In 2004, I experienced my last loss. Even in 2004, pregnancy and infant loss were barely spoken above a whisper. In 2012, I realized that October was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. It was then, I decided to do a candle lighting in a park with only six in attendance. I am incredibly grateful for the support from the community and friends as I explored helping others who have lost. It wasn’t until 2014 that loss was taken to a new level. My stepson and his girlfriend’s first child was stillborn. It was then that I knew that we could make a real difference. I am blessed for my PILA Board. I can be contacted at this email or on my Facebook Page

Frank Emre - Vice President

I met Suzy in 2005 while we both were involved in children's ministry. I have 5 children from previous marriages and never experienced a loss of a child. We married in 2007 and I was very supportive of Suzy with her losses but not experiencing it myself it was hard for me to feel the feeling Suzy had with her losses. In 2014 we were waiting the arrival of our first grandchild and a day before my birthday and about a week short of her due date we were given the dreaded news that their was no heartbeat and our beautiful granddaughter was stillborn. So here I was experiencing a loss first hand and it made a lot of the feeling that Suzy was experiening a lot closer to home. Lossing a child, whether it be a son daughter grandchild is something that leaves a huge hole in your heart and you experience so many feelings (whys, what could have beens, what purpose does this serve). I have supported Suzy and helped here with all her planning and helped her form PILA Lubbock. I feel that our hearts are so much alike in our love for children and that we both want there to be some where and someone that people experiencing loss. Be it Moms, Dads, Grandparent or any family member have somewhere and someone to grieve with and help work through our losses. That being said like Suzy and other board members we want to be here for those in need. I am making myself available to all the Dads, Granddads or any other male that has experienced a loss. We are in the process of starting a program to take wedding dresses that have been given to us and getting them made into Forever Gowns that we can provde to families to clothe their angels. I am greatful for the opportunity to be here for those in need.       

Lucille Neely - Treasurer

I have been a labor and delivery nurse since 1979, I have cared for and encountered many mothers experiencing miscarriage and stillborn. I always cared for them with compassion, but did so very clinically trying very hard to keep my emotions out of the picture. In October of 1997, my first grandchild was a second trimester loss, his name was Bailey and will never be forgotten. Although my daughter was cared for with compassion, we left the hospital with only the memory of seeing Bailey no pictures no footprints nothing tangible to hold on to. From this grief, I felt a passion to do something better for my patients, soon after I became certified as a Perinatal Grief counselor through Resolve through Sharing. Following this, I started a program at the hospital I worked at. We began providing pictures and memory boxes for all moms with stillborn children. In 2005, my job changed but I was blessed to go to work for Covenant in Lubbock, Texas where I continue my ministry. We have a very active program that provides memory boxes for all our moms. I have received so many blessings from sharing my heart with these mothers. I'm proud to be on the Board of Directors of PILA Lubbock.

Amber Seaton - Secretary

In April of 2010, my husband and I were very excited to finally be pregnant. I found out on his birthday that my due date was our 5th anniversary, so it seemed perfect. Unfortunately a few days later I started bleeding and having pain. There was a concern that I was having an ectopic pregnancy, even though I had no risk factors. After a D&C revealed that the pregnancy was not in my uterus, I was treated with methotrexate. We were devastated, to say the least. It was terrifying thinking of trying again, knowing my chances of having another ectopic pregnancy were higher now. Three months later I was pregnant again and so scared. Thankfully this pregnancy proved to be uneventful but I always felt like something bad was about to happen. By God's grace, we welcomed our rainbow baby girl into our family in March of 2011.  

During the summer of 2014 we decided to try again and found out we were pregnant in June, due right around our daughter's 4th birthday. I thought since we had a healthy pregnancy everything should be fine. We had our first ultrasound in August and got to see the heartbeat. The baby measured a little small but it was still pretty early, so not a problem. We were so excited and nervous about being the parents of two! The next few weeks went fine. I never had any bleeding or cramping. On August 13 we went in for our second ultrasound, at 11 weeks. The doctor tried to do an abdominal ultrasound but the baby was too small. It was then that I knew. When she did the transvaginal ultrasound, we saw our baby. Still. No heart beating. Our precious baby had died. I was sad, angry, bitter, and had so many unanswered questions. This is not what I wanted and I didn't understand how we were going through pregnancy loss again.

As time has passed, I have let go of most of my anger and bitterness; God has healed my heart, but there remains a scar. Not a day goes by that I don't think about my two babies in Heaven; I look forward to the day I get to finally meet and hold them. There are many who have walked this road of loss before me, and I am thankful for the support they have been to me. I hope to also be a help to others. (Photo by Laura Beck Photography)

Madison Faye Luscombe - Marketing

In April 2016, I was a month away from graduating with a bachelor's in public relations from Texas Tech. I was overwhelmed, excited and ready to see the world... until the pregnancy test showed two pink lines. To say our pregnancy was a surprise would be an understatement. We were shocked. This was not my plan, but I loved my child with every ounce of my being. My husband and I became increasingly excited. Our families were purchasing baby necessities, and I was planning the best gender reveal party ever. On June 30, 2016, we sat in the doctor's office expecting to learn the gender of our sweet little one. After a quick ultrasound, we were sent downstairs to the specialist where the baby we longed for was diagnosed with hydrops fetalis. We lost our little boy a week later on July 7, 2016 at 17 weeks pregnant. It has been my mission since our loss to reach out and support families of pregnancy and infant loss. I started writing a blog called Making A Momma. I am always willing to talk anyone through the grief experienced after this kind of loss. If you need advice, support or a friend, please feel free to email me or Facebook me!

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